All-New Kindle (10th Gen), 6" Display now with Built-in Light, 4 GB, Wi-Fi

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This latest version comes with adjustable front lights. The 167ppi glare-free screen gives a feeling of real paper and not a digital screen. You can adjust the font size, look for definitions, unknown word references can be seen without leaving the current page which you are reading. Thousands of books for free and millions of books for prime members at a single platform. Stout battery back-up which lasts up to 7 days. This device has a flaw that it does not allow you to access audiobooks.

Readers should definite;y buy this one because this one is equal to many books. It is very light in weight and you can many number of books in it while travelling. My grandpa is using it for 4 months {he loves reading books so we gifted him}. when it comes to eye strain don't worry about it you can customize settings according to the reader. There is one major advantage is KINDLE uses the same wireless signals{4G} that cell phones use but with no monthly fees or commitments—Amazon pays for cellular connectivity.

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